What I get in my meal?                                      
Most of Daily Dubba meal are served with 1 Curry, 2 Chapatis & Rice or 4 Chapatis depending on what you choose. The information will be provided in the product description. 

How many meals do I need to order?
As the life is getting busier with more work, minimum 5 meals should allow us to sort your dinner for the weekdays. If ordering onlu curries, the minimum total order amount is $60. You can choose more meals to enjoy your work life balance and meal prep stress free life. 

How big are your meals?
Our regular size portion is around 300-400g depending on the dish. 
Am I contracted to buy every week?
No. You can order as a one off or every week. 

What day do you deliver?
Your meals will be delivered to your doorstep on the delivery date mentioned on menu. 

Are these meals frozen?
No! The meals are freshly cooked in home kitchen, vacuum sealed and blasted cold to retain the flavor and freshness for up to 10 days from the date its cooked. 

Do you provide any allergen free dishes?
The dishes are prepared in a kitchen that sometimes contains nuts, dairy and wheat so we cannot guarantee any of our dishes will be completely free from traces of key allergens.


How should I store my Daily Dubba meals?
Our meals are designed to be eaten within a week of receiving. Please pop them in the fridge until you are ready to chow down.
All our meals are made fresh by hand in small batches, so please make sure you eat within six days of the use by date on the label. 
Also, avoid storing the food in the fridge once you have reheated them as it won't be safe to eat. 

How should I reheat my meals?
All our meals can be cooked in the oven or microwave. The packaging is not heat proof though so please make sure you remove the food from the packaging.
Basic Rule of thumb is until piping hot and then let your meal settle to enjoy it.

Can I freeze my meals? 
Yes. While we create your meals to be eaten fresh for the very best taste and nutrition, they can also be frozen for your later convenience as well.

How long will my meals stay fresh? 
Keep your meals refrigerated at 0-4˚C. They are best stored in the back of your fridge where it is coolest, rather than the door where temperatures are more variable.  All meals will stay fresh for up to  7 days in the fridge from the day they are received 
Look for the use-by date on your sleeve label to be more exact, and don't forget you can always pop them in the freezer if you need a bit more time to polish them off. 



Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver to Auckland city and most of the surrounding suburbs on Sundays. Please check with us if you are not sure if we deliver to your area and we will let you know.

Will I be charged for delivery?
We don't charge extra for the delivery within 25 Kms from our base in Mt Roskill. Please check for the delivery charge before placing order for beyond 25Kms. 

When will my food arrive?
Food will be delivered on Sundays anytime between 10am and 8pm. Any special time request will incur extra charges. 

What are the cut off time for Orders? 
Cut off for the orders is the previous Saturdays evening 6pm. 

What happens if I'm not home when my meal delivery arrives?
All orders will be left in a safe cool place between the hours of 10am and 8pm. If you have any special delivery instructions please let us know.